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Re: [PATCH 4/4] Add 'filter' attribute and external filter driver definition.

David Lang <david.lang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 1. it would be useful in many cases for the filter program to know
> what file it's working on (and probably some other things), so there
> are probably some command-line arguments that should be able to be
> passed to the filter.

I can see that you missed the class when Linus talked about how
messy things would get once you allow the conversion to be
stateful.  I was in the class and remembered it ;-)

Although I initially considered interpolating "%P" with
pathname, I ended up deciding against it, to discourage people
from abusing the filter for stateful conversion that changes the
results depending on time, pathname, commit, branch and stuff.

> 2. should this be done as a modification of the in-memory buffer (s
> this patch does it?) or should it be done at the time of the
> read/write, makeing the filter be responsible for actually doing the
> disk I/O, which would give it the benifit of being able to do things
> like set permissions and other things ...

The conversion is not about overriding the mode bits recorded in
tree objects, nor making git as a replacement for build procedure.

> 3. why specify seperate clean/smudge programs instead of just one
> script with a read/write parameter?

I think the most common two ways have clean as a cleaner and
smudge as a no-op (similar to crlf=input conversion), or clean
and smudge are inverse operations (similar to crlf=true
conversion.  I do not see a sane case where clean and smudge are
the same, unless you are thinking about the toy demonstration
test piece I added to t0021 which uses rot13 as both clean and
smudge filters.

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