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Re: Using ISO image of installer DVD as repository - How?

On Sat 01 Jun 2019 at 16:34:13 +0100, Brian wrote:

> I think I will use this portion of the thread to talk to myself out
> loud. :)

Further musings.
> The URI given in the first post is actually correct and the file
> URI type is perfectly acceptable. When dvdmount in /home/richard
> is accessed, the dists and pool directories can be seen. This is
> as it should be. If richard can see them, so can apt, and that
> gives apt everything it needs to update. upgrade and install
> packages. apt does not need to be told explicitly about /dists and
> /pool.

I suppose something official rather than the ramblings of a random
user could be useful to back this up. In the THE DEB AND DEB-SRC
TYPES: GENERAL FORMAT section we see

 The URI for the deb type must specify the base of the Debian
 distribution, from which APT will find the information it needs.

Hold on to the fact that the base (/home/richard/dvdmount) is fine.
Having options in the sources.list would also be fine if they were
added correctly.

> But there is an "option" in the sources.list line. Well, not really
> an option, as can be seen by looking at the ONE-LINE-STYLE FORMAT
> section of sources.list(5). This begins:
>   Files in this format have the extension .list. Each line
>   specifying a source starts with a type (e.g. deb-src)
>   followed by options and arguments for this type.

It can happen that a line such as

  deb file:///home/richard/dvdmount pool/main/                                                                         
gives the error message " ... does not have a Release file

Leaving aside the validity of the line, this message is an indication
that an option has not been delivered to apt correctly.