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Re: netinst bad display after first screen

Le 01/06/2019 à 13:51, Blair, Charles E III a écrit :

I had hoped
the "row of thumbnails at top of blank screen"
was a well-known, easily fixed, problem.

Well known, yes. Easily fixed, no.

It is an issue with the graphic EFI driver.

A newer kernel may fix the issue.

A common workaround is to boot the installer in BIOS/legacy/CSM mode instead of EFI native mode.

When this workaround is not applicable, setting the GRUB variables gfxmode and/or gfxpayload to specific values (hardware dependent) before booting the kernel may fix the issue on some hardware (not all).

Note that the same issue is likely to happen on the installed system until the GPU-specific kernel driver is loaded and takes over the graphic EFI driver.