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Re: Re: netinst bad display after first screen

>    The monitor then shows a row of what look like
> tiny screen images at the top, with the rest of
> the monitor all black.  Crtl-Alt-F1, etc makes
> changes in the tiny images at the top, but the
> all-black rest of screen is unchanged.

   As you suggested, I changed the installer's

>> linux /install.amd/vmlinuz vga=788 --- quiet

by omitting "vga=178".  I am still getting the
row of thumbnails(?) with rest of screen black.

> How old is your PC?

Purchased in past month.  The BIOS is dated
November 2018.  Running Windows 10.

> Is it booting in UEFI mode?


> On the initial screen, do
> E: Edit Selection and C: Grub Command line
> appear?


> Otherwise, please provide PC
> and/or motherboard model and brand.

   It's an Intel NUC8i5BEK with Windows 10.
I've connected it to a Dell U2415 monitor
which is described as having a native
1920 by 1200 resolution.

   Thanks for any further ideas.  I had hoped
the "row of thumbnails at top of blank screen"
was a well-known, easily fixed, problem.

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