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Re: netinst bad display after first screen

Blair, Charles E III composed on 2019-05-31 20:40 (UTC):

>    I have downloaded the current netinst and
> burned it to a DVD. 

I burned mine to CD. :p

>    When I boot it, the first screen I see shows
> the usual beginning with choices "Graphics Install,"
> "Install," "Advanced".

>    I choose "Install" and press F10. 

I chose Install, then pressed F10, and absolutely nothing happened, on both an
ancient PC, and a UEFI PC. <ENTER> does produce a response, as does E.

>    The monitor then shows a row of what look like
> tiny screen images at the top, with the rest of
> the monitor all black.  Crtl-Alt-F1, etc makes
> changes in the tiny images at the top, but the
> all-black rest of screen is unchanged.

>    At this point, I'm just guessing.  I tried
> repeating the process, except that I changed

>> linux /install.amd/vmlinuz vga=788 --- quiet

> to

>> linux /install.amd/vmlinuz vga=normal fb=false --- quiet

> and pressing F10.  This gave me an all-black screen,
> no tiny row.

>    I really hope somebody can tell me what "magic words"
> I should be using. (I tried "nomodeset" but that didn't help)

I'd try removing vga=788, allowing kernel to decide an appropriate screen mode to
use, and whether or not to employ a framebuffer, and if so, which type.

How old is your PC? Is it booting in UEFI mode? On the initial screen, do

	E: Edit Selection and C: Grub Command line

appear? Is there already an OS on your PC? If yes, and it's Linux, please provide
output from:

	inxi -GxxSM

Otherwise, please provide PC and/or motherboard model and brand.
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