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Re: Snipping and quoting: Re: Wifi not working in Lenovo laptop/Ideapad/Atheros QCA9377

On 31/05/2019 23:22, rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Friday, May 31, 2019 01:32:20 PM tv.debian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, most people on this list prefer bottom-posting rather than
top-posting, so I'll stick with the convention and post my answer at the
bottom of the message, suggesting you do the same in the future to avoid
potential nasty comments. ;-) vvv

Thanks for the consideration!

I think another part of it for most of us (I take myself as a sample of one
representing most of us ;-) ...

.. is that we like quotes of previous emails to be snipped to the relevant
part and then the response to that relevant part be underneath that quote.

If you are replying to more than one relevant part, snip  irrelevant parts,
and intersperse your comments within the email, under the relevant part.

If anyone wants to chime in and agree (or disagree), please do!

Hi there, I mostly agree but I also have to say that I don't really give a damn about netiquette as a whole as long as the problem is solved, and it is still possible with minimum efforts to make head or tail from the thread. Now this thread is already mangled beyond recognition twice, sent all over the place and back, from several different addresses, and I don't have time to fix it today. I also feel the need to say that meta-discussions about style or off-topic and/or personal matters on this list is seriously putting me off lately. I personally feel much more problematic to scroll through several unrelated messages scratching personal itches much more painful that any formatting bias. Maybe it would be better to send a polite message to the original "offending" party(ies) once (off-list?), and if they don't comply just stop helping at all if one feels strongly about it.

Taking my own advice, I won't argue on the subject of style anymore in this thread ;-) .