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Re: Using ISO image of installer DVD as repository - How?

Richard Owlett wrote: 
> With the first DVD of Debian 9.8.0 I did:
>    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=dvd.iso bs=4M
> I edited sources.list to read
>    deb file:///home/richard/dvd.iso stretch main contrib trusted=yes
> When running Synaptic's
>     Edit->Reload Package Information
> I receive an error message:
> > The repository 'file:/home/richard/dvd.iso stretch Release'
> > does not have a Release file.
> What is the problem?

The problem is that the .iso is not a mounted filesystem.

You could:

$ mkdir /home/richard/dvdmount
$ sudo mount /home/richard/dvd.iso /home/richard/dvdmount

If it complains about the filetype, try -t udf or -t iso9660.

and then you can use this sources.list line:

    deb file:///home/richard/dvdmount stretch main contrib trusted=yes

(or similar; I don't recall if the debian repository on disc
starts in the root of the disc)