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Re: Wifi not working in Lenovo laptop/Ideapad/Atheros QCA9377


Can you see your wireless interface by excuting /sbin/ifconfig -a

should have device wlan0 or wlo0 or wls0p0 listed there

if not,you missed driver for that device,either look non-free repository or download source code compile yourself

On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 12:17 senthil kosapeta <sendil.vlsi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Debians,

I have purchased Lenovo laptop around 6 months back. (Lenovo ideapad)
I had installed ubuntu earlier and Wifi used to work fine.
Somehow it got crashed a month back.

I have decided to switch over to debian 9.9 and installed it.
Internet via Ethernet port is working. But wifi is not working and not showing available wireless networks.
I searched/googled certain topic related to Debian wifi and tried installing firmware-atheros earlier.
It did not work. When i tried restart, shutdown is stuck.
If i force shutdown and restart, It will be stuck again.
When i tried to do recover mode, msg displays that
"ath10k_pci ** failed recieve control reponse completion, polling ...."

Please let me know how to proceed.



Liu An