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Re: Re: kvm win8 guest audio is terrible.

On 5/20/19 10:35 PM, David Christensen wrote:
On 5/20/19 2:55 PM, R. Ramesh wrote:
I created a fresh install of debian stretch amd64. In that I created a qemu/kvm guess install of win8. It only accepted hda as a valid sound card. All others show us without drivers. So, I am limited to only HDA as -soundhw. Further HDA sounds so broken if I try to test with any sound file or youtube video. It is grainy/distorted and outright horrible.

Google searches mentions something about MSI and those approaches are simply not accepted by win8. So, I could not use them. I am wondering if there is something fundamentally wrong with windows guests or is there a setting that I missing.

Have you tried spice under Virtual Machine manager??? I used to have similar problems.?? Let all 6 cores run at maximum speed helped some but still occasional dropouts in Win7 and Win10.?? I switched to spice and audio and video improved greatly.

I invoke qemu-kvm directly. Do I have to use virtsh or virt manager? I am not set up for that. Also, googling spice does not get to the correct links.?? Can you help?