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Re: A couple things yet on stretch install, amd64 version

On Thu, 2019-05-30 at 09:38 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 30 May 2019 04:22:16 am Nicholas Geovanis wrote:
> > Your first email called it "Serial busses of some kind" and you
> > didn't
> > type "at-spi".
> Indeed I didn't, I like you, got bit by that famous "assume" word
> again.  
> That mail was composed over about a 30 minute span while I was trying
> to 
> figure out what heck an at-spi actually was.
> Since that apparently is not its real name, its not obviously
> resident 
> in /e/init.d, nor is it visible in the systemctl listings.  So other 
> than sending it a SIGKILL with a root htop, I can't find a way to 
> disable starting it.

On my Stretch LXDE machine it appears under menu "Prefernces" >
"Desktop Session Settings" > "Automatically Started Applications".

If I disable it, then a file appears under ~/.config/autostart called
at-spi-dbus-bus.desktop which contains...

[Desktop Entry]
Name=AT-SPI D-Bus Bus
Exec=/usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher --launch-immediately

That last line I guess overrides default startup behaviour.

Using "find / -name at-spi-dbus-bus.desktop" I see the default desktop
file in /etc/xdg/autostart/at-spi-dbus-bus.desktop, which has the same
contents without that last NotShowIn=LXDE; line.