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Re: lightweight wifi UI (Was: Insidious systemd)

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Patrick Bartek <nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx>
>... Any association no matter how soft
>or distant an app has with GNOME or any of its various parts or
>utilities will result in a systemd gotcha.  I discovered this when I
>first tested Jessie.  It became more prevalent in Stretch.  I have no
>idea about Buster.  That's why now I always do simulated installs first.

I think -s is the best thing I ever discovered about apt.  You don;t even 
need to be root anymore.  I always use: 
$ apt - s install bsgotchascrewupmysystem
as a regular user to try and figure things out when I get confused.  But! 
I admit to being an aptitude junky, I love it, always use it in preference 
to apt or apt-get.  This simulated thing is not really systemd related, 
but good advice IMO for everybody.

>Is Debian slowly becoming systemd proprietary?  It would be a great
>loss to Linux and its philosophy if true.  But that looks to be the
>direction Debian is headed.

Nah we aint becoming systemd prprietary, we're headed towards windows 
proprietary.  Mark My Words.  Watch What Happens...

>Once I suggested on this list when systemd first debuted with Jessie
>about choosing an init at install time as an option. It was not well
>received.  Many said it couldn't be done or was impractical. My reply
>was, if you can change inits AFTER the install completes, why not
>BEFORE. The thread died of apathy shortly thereafter with no resolution.

You know, I think I rememeber a long thread about choosing init.  The 
problem then though IIRC, is some newer stuff (gnome?) does not support 
sysV init, or any other init.  That was one of the reasons thay made 
systemd default init, to make eveything work OOTB, like windows.