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Re: reboot stuff doesn't start

On Tue 28 May 2019 at 14:20:22 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:

> And at that point in composing that reply, the keyboard went dead. I 
> thought that was cron, calling hpfax, and finding it had nothing to do,

Why do think cron was calling hpfax? Did you set up the job? (Using
fax isn't exactly common these day).

> so it locks up hid-common, so I renamed hpfax to hpfox last week, 
> figuring that would disable that scared bull in a china shop. But in 
> looking over the boot log just now, I find hpfox running! Pardon my 
> language but if I've renamed it, how the hell is the system finding it 
> to run it?

Very interesting. This needs a bit of thought. Does the same thing
happen if the renaming is to begonia?

> from the syslog: in time order but much elided
> May 28 13:47:40 coyote systemd[949]: Starting D-Bus User Message Bus 
> Socket.
> [...]
> May 28 13:47:41 coyote rc.local[842]: HEYU: The 
> file /usr/local/var/tmp/heyu/heyu.out.ttyUSB0 does not exist or is not 
> writable.
> [...]
> May 28 13:47:42 coyote hp[994]: io/hpmud/pp.c 627: unable to read 
> device-id ret=-1

hpmud is part of HPLIP.

> [...]
> May 28 13:47:43 coyote rc.local[842]: read: Connection reset by peer
> May 28 13:47:43 coyote /hpfox: [999]: error: Failed to 
> create /var/spool/cups/tmp/.hplip

An unhappy hpfox.

> [...]
> May 28 13:47:46 coyote systemd[1]: Started Perl-based spam filter using 
> text analysis.
> Since systemd started spamassassin, I can take that back out of rc.local.
> I'll do that and reboot again, about 5 times since my last reply in this 
> thread. Since I don't use hplip,

syslog contradicts you.

>                          no hp printers about,

We thought you purchased one a few days ago.

>                                                how do I use 
> systemctl to disable its even starting?

Starting what?
> Thanks, but comment on the log snippets if you can.

I tried to.