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ZFS in Buster


ZFS 0.8 has been released with lots of improvements, notably encryption.

Sadly the Linux Kernel has introduced a commit in kernel 4.19 and 5.0 that prevents ZFS from using SIMD. The result is that ZFS won't be usable in Buster. See the following issue

NixOS reverted that particular commit:

Debian is the "Universal Operating System" and gives the user the option to choose. It provides "vim and emacs", "Gnome and KDE",  "Linux, Hurd, KfreeBSD, etc.". I think that Debian should also provide the option to use ZFS with encryption.

Would it be possible to provide an alternative patched linux kernel that works with ZFS?

The ZFS developers proposed the Linux developers to rewrite the whole ZFS code and use GPL, but surprisingly the linux developers didn't accept. See below: