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Re: network installer will not boot


regrettably (or to my luck ?) i don't have a NUC in reach.

Intel says it should be possible to install GNU/Linux:
Suspicious is that they list particular NUC models for Ubuntu.
(What about the others ?)
Debian has a list of usable NUCs
which differs from Intel's Ubuntu-NUC list.

Intel indicates that its "BIOS" needs human help:
A mini Linux named "OpenElec" is mentioned with BIOS settings.
Maybe its example works for Debian, too.

If you cannot get legacy mode to work, then consider to report your
problem to


It will be necessary that you tell the exact URL from where you got the
ISO image and that you confirm its SHA512 checksum matchiing the recorded
one in file SHA512SUMS from the same remote directory as the ISO.

Have a nice day :)