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Re: Insidious systemd

On Mon, 27 May 2019, bw wrote:

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Here's further argument that computer programs are not capable of being
insidious.  Using the word this way is IMO incorrect, but then most of the
world is stuck in misuse of language.

diseases can be insidious. drugs can be insidious. anything that sneaks up on you posing a threat is 'insidious'.

including computer programs - think viruses.

Let's go the whole nine yards, and agree to toe the line when it come to
trying to right this ship, or we may all fall off the wagon?

nice mixed metaphors! "nine yards"/"toe the line"; "right this ship"/"fall off the wagon". love it!

but language is fluid. but few drown. well, maybe sometimes.

I am not adept at systemd; I seem to have remnants of it on my main laptop which is sysvinit. need to read up more before I purge. but I am not adverse to living with systemd either. rock the boat or toe the line - not sure.



Felmon Davis