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Re: lightweight wifi UI

bw <bwtnguy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> In-Reply-To: <20190527090258.213ecf5a@debian9>
>>From: Patrick Bartek <nemommxiv@xxxxxxxxx>
>>My post WAS initially a report of anamolous behavior during
>>an install.  I had read of other systemd quirks.  (If no one knows, how
>>can it be fixed?)  The last paragraph asking for network manager
>>recommendations other than wicd was an afterthought.  You are correct:
>>I should have made it two posts.
> Not so much a report of anomolous behavior by your computer, but an 
> anomolous setup, since you have "converted" stretch in a way that you 
> don't explain.  You also still haven't shown the apt output that made you 
> believe installing wicd tempts systemd to behave insidiuously...
Are we sure it's not libsystemd0 that Patrick is objecting against?
Because that is the only systemd related Depends: in wicd's dependency
chain (pulled in via wicd-daemon -> dbus).


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