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Re: Re: network installer will not boot

   Thanks for your continuing help.

   I would like to to try "Legacy," but am
not sure how.

   I press F2 at the beginning.  This takes
me to tabs including "Main", "Devices", "Boot".

Under "Devices," there is a box under the
heading "USB Configuration" for "Legacy",
which I have checked with a mouse-click.
Below that are choices involving charging,
which do not seem relevant.

The "Boot" tab is more problematic.  I am
shown panels headed "UEFI Boot Priority" and
"Legacy Boot Priority," each headed by a box
to check.  UEFI is checked, Legacy is not.
I am unable to uncheck UEFI or to check Legacy,
either with a mouse or by moving around
orange frames using the arrow keys. 

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