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Re: NIC Bonding 802.3ad LACP without switch

also on a network card with 2 NIC's

srv-a nic ens2f0 ---- ens2f0 srv-b
          ens2f1 ---- ens2f1

Can I use a switch that only supoort static LAC to speedup my
connection? For example tp-link TL-SG108E ? Or must it support LACP?

On 27.05.19 15:49, Reco wrote:
> 	Hi.
> On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 03:36:38PM +0200, basti wrote:
>> Hello sven,
>> hello reco,
>> I want to speedup my network connection beween srv-a and srv-b. There is
>> only a 1:1 connection.
> Any bonding mode will utilize a single link in such case.
> The 'catch 22' for active-active bonding is that you can utilize more
> that one link for egress traffic (assuming multiple receivers), but
> ingress traffic will be the same on all links.
> What you need is https://www.multipath-tcp.org/ . Or buy 10Gbps NICs,
> they are relatively cheap these days.
> Reco