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Re: NIC Bonding 802.3ad LACP without switch

Hello sven,
hello reco,

I want to speedup my network connection beween srv-a and srv-b. There is
only a 1:1 connection.
I have try to use balance-alb and copy some files from a to b with only
112 MB/s with dd and netcat.

So Im not shure if balance-alb use both interfaces.

On 27.05.19 15:09, Reco wrote:
> 	Hi.
> On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 01:48:39PM +0200, basti wrote:
>> Can this mode be used in this setup?
> AFAIK standard linux bonding can only use Passive LACP in 802.3ad.
>> How must I configure the other side?
> That's means you have to use openvswitch on either side as it can be
> configured to send LACPDUs (i.e. you can switch it to Active LACP).
> I'd say it'll be easier to use balance-alb or balance-tlb in such setup.
> Reco