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Re: Insidious systemd

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>After more investigating, I came across wifi-radar whose simulated
>install doesn't muck my system.  Any suggestions for something
>better?   I could just go with iwconfig or iw?

I never heard of wifi-radar, thanks I might check it out.  With 
a windowmananger (fluxbox) on stretch for a laptop that might move around 
I used this as a starting point:


There's really not much need for a gui app, so basically I just use a 
script to run 'wpa_cli enable all' when I want to connect to the several 
known ap I use.  For adding a new network, sometimes it's easier to use 
the interactive interface, but adding them to the wpa_supplicant.conf 
is pretty easy, it's up to you.

I really have no idea why installing wicd would replace sysvinit-core with 
systemd-sysv.  I don't have a sysvinit system setup to test that install, 
and you didn't show the output from the apt command you had a problem 
with, so I'm thinking maybe you want to start another systemd thread for 
whatever reason... ?

It might be a bug if wicd requires systemd as init? but I have not 
researched the issue. I think it's a lot of work for little gain 
to fight the way things are.  Systemd is here, it has been working fine 
for yrs.  It is the default init for debian.  I really dont see why you 
would say it is 'insidiuous' because it is widely known to be this way.

Good Luck