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Insidious systemd

Hi, all!

Needing to convert this box from wired ethernet to wireless, I searched
for a suitable network manager and wicd looked good:  No desktop
environment dependencies (I use a window manager Openbox and single
lxpanel), compatibility with Openbox, etc.  Imagine my surprise when
during the simulated install (I always check), I discovered systemd
init was set to replace sysvinit.  I had converted Stretch to the
latter during its install last year, but left the systemd libraries.

There was no mention of this wicd caveat or any systemd dependency
anywhere.  Obviously, there were.  What other things does systemd do
that users are unaware and contrary to their wishes?  I wonder . . .

After more investigating, I came across wifi-radar whose simulated
install doesn't muck my system.  Any suggestions for something
better?   I could just go with iwconfig or iw?  No big deal.  I've done
it before.  But being lazy, if I can find an app to do the work, so
much the better.

Thanks for any input.