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Re: Feasibility of running mmdebstrap under Stretch (not Buster)

On 05/26/2019 09:52 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
Quoting Richard Owlett (2019-05-26 16:34:17)
I was investigating using multistrap, but it has been orphaned.
mmdebstrap apparently has the desired features of multistrap but is
available only in Buster.

I do not have the available bandwidth to install Buster.
In Stretch perl is 5.24.1-3+deb9u5 but is 5.28.1-6 in Buster.

Is it feasible to run under Stretch? How?

mmdebstrap has no tight dependencies so you should be able to simply
install the Buster package in Stretch and try use it.

Today == *rain* Tomorrow = holiday  Should have lots of time ;/

Just make sure to mention clearly in eventual bugreports if you are
using the package outside its officially target suite.

In any case, typically PEBKAC > bugs

There are known limitations esp. when running under fake(ch)root, but I
think that is well documented in the man page.

That is one of the things I wanted to check out. As I read the limitations, they should be fairly simple to remedy.


mmdebstrap is great!

  - Jonas