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Re: Diagnosing what applications are doing

On Sunday 26 May 2019 07:05:45 am Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> Quoting Paul Sutton (2019-05-26 12:28:43)
> > On my netbook,  Thunderbird seems really unstable, it stars up fine
> > then seems to stall and fails to respond,  it eventually picks up. 
> > I usually goto a terminal and type killall thunderbird.
> >
> > I can usually also minimise thunderbird, but maximising it, ends up
> > with the top of the application bar only and the rest of the
> > application is not maximised properly.
> >
> > Is there a program that I can run to try and figure out what it is
> > doing ?  I am sure there is but not sure what I would be looking for
> > even with searching.
> >
> > In a similar way to using time,  which tells how long a program has
> > run for,  I guess I need some sort of memory or cpu trace to see
> > what Thunderbird is doing to behave this way.
> >
> > Chances are it will be rather incomprehensible, but at least it
> > could be something I can post here, ( well pastebin if huge output )
> > so others can take a look.
> >
> > In the meantime I have removed my usenet account from the netbook,
> > as i don't use it,  on the netbook enough to justify having.
> To monitor in real time what steal most ressources, install and run
> atop. Hit C/M/D/N to sort by cpu/memory/disk/net, or A to auto-sort.
> To monitor both in real time and collect data in the background to
> later analysis (e.g. to examine past minutes _after_ Thunderbird has
> crashed), install pcp and run "pcp atop" for real time view
> To inspect what happens with Thunderbird itself, I guess you should
> look in the menus of the application for ways to open a log window...
One thing that will "freeze" it is using its own download facilities to 
fetch the mail, used to bug me pretty badly, but when it did come back, 
everything I had typed into a message came back with it.  So I offloaded 
that fetching of emails by making fetchmail, procmail, clamscan and 
spamassassin  all into background tasks that have minimal effect on 
kmail.  Now my freezes are maybe a second as it sorts an incoming email 
that has servived the spam and viri filters.

I can elaborate if there is interest,
>  - Jonas

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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