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Re: Diagnosing what applications are doing

Quoting Paul Sutton (2019-05-26 12:28:43)
> On my netbook,  Thunderbird seems really unstable, it stars up fine 
> then seems to stall and fails to respond,  it eventually picks up.  I 
> usually goto a terminal and type killall thunderbird.
> I can usually also minimise thunderbird, but maximising it, ends up 
> with the top of the application bar only and the rest of the 
> application is not maximised properly.
> Is there a program that I can run to try and figure out what it is 
> doing ?  I am sure there is but not sure what I would be looking for 
> even with searching.
> In a similar way to using time,  which tells how long a program has 
> run for,  I guess I need some sort of memory or cpu trace to see what 
> Thunderbird is doing to behave this way.
> Chances are it will be rather incomprehensible, but at least it could 
> be something I can post here, ( well pastebin if huge output ) so 
> others can take a look.
> In the meantime I have removed my usenet account from the netbook, as 
> i don't use it,  on the netbook enough to justify having. 

To monitor in real time what steal most ressources, install and run 
atop. Hit C/M/D/N to sort by cpu/memory/disk/net, or A to auto-sort.

To monitor both in real time and collect data in the background to later 
analysis (e.g. to examine past minutes _after_ Thunderbird has crashed), 
install pcp and run "pcp atop" for real time view

To inspect what happens with Thunderbird itself, I guess you should look 
in the menus of the application for ways to open a log window...

 - Jonas

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