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Diagnosing what applications are doing


On my netbook,  Thunderbird seems really unstable, it stars up fine then
seems to stall and fails to respond,  it eventually picks up.  I usually
goto a terminal and type killall thunderbird.

I can usually also minimise thunderbird, but maximising it, ends up with
the top of the application bar only and the rest of the application is
not maximised properly.

Is there a program that I can run to try and figure out what it is doing
?  I am sure there is but not sure what I would be looking for even with

In a similar way to using time,  which tells how long a program has run
for,  I guess I need some sort of memory or cpu trace to see what
Thunderbird is doing to behave this way.

Chances are it will be rather incomprehensible, but at least it could be
something I can post here, ( well pastebin if huge output ) so others
can take a look.

In the meantime I have removed my usenet account from the netbook, as i
don't use it,  on the netbook enough to justify having. 



Paul Sutton
gnupg : 7D6D B682 F351 8D08 1893  1E16 F086 5537 D066 302D