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Re: Debian Programming languages

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 9:35 PM Dekks Herton <dekkzz78@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul Sutton <zleap@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi
> As I am trying to promote contributing to Debian,  what programming
> languages are mostly used?  I am asking as it helps to give people an
> idea of what they need to learn or will learn as part of helping.

AFAIK Kernel + low level plumbing are primarily Assembly,C,C++,Rust

As one who has been involved in "low level plumbing", since the 1970's (including on IBM Mainframe Computers), I'm not afraid of Assembler Language.  I'm surprised, that I didn't know about Rust (package rustc).  Thanks for alerting me!



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