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Re: Laptop does not switch off when shutting down

Cindy Sue Causey wrote:

> No harm, no foul. That's cool. I'm sure it incidentally rolled in with
> something else I installed. A very BRIEF depends/rdepends snoop around
> my installs to see how that likely happened came up empty.
> PPS ..... Have NOT seen the "resuming from hibernation" advisement
> ever since I... told Plymouth to... please go take a little vacation
> on a private island for a little bit..

Not sure, but might be you have some issue with resume and your resume
partition or might be with plymouth. I think it is very nice to show
something different than msdos 30y old style boot up screen. The resuming
message usually comes when you have hibernated/suspended to disk and it
indeed resumes from the disk.

The problem with the shutdown and hanging was in our case cause by a
conflict in the systemd rules file.

Of course in OPs case it could be any case of other conflict that prevents
systemd to complete the shutdown-