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Re: Debian Programming languages

James H. H. Lampert wrote:
> Just out of morbid curiosity: what about a full ANSI PL/I?
> (And the mere fact that I'm asking ages me.)

  mu!  (unasking makes you younger?!  :) )A

  ancient languages i've used but not in quite a long
time now.


  of all of them i actually wrote production code in
Pascal, assembler, COBOL and C (with embedded SQL).

  i also wrote a ton of code in C for classwork and
that was the main language i "thought" in.  some of 
those projects were quite large (write a compiler,
assembler, linking-loader, interpreter, OS, editor,
multiprocessor microcode simulator, etc.)  i'm not 
sure anyone actually teaches these that much these

  for most of my projects here i mostly did either C
or shell scripts.

  recently i started picking up Python and it has been
ok so far, but there is still much about OOP that i
don't fully understand.  at a full time effort i think
it takes several years to really get a language.  since
i'm not doing this full time i expect by the time i
get to retirement age i'll have got it down well 

  my first Python program i don't consider OOP much
at all, but it went quickly enough.  next winter i
hope to revisit it and see what i can do to make it
a better structured program and more OOP.

  i'm too busy in the summer to really put much into
learning new things unless it is something quick that
will stick.