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Re: rebooted again, stretch losing keyboard but keyboard and batteries in it ae good

Gene Heskett composed on 2019-05-25 12:30 (UTC-0400):

> Unforch, and this machine has been rebooted by hpfax several times since 
> I put all that in /e/sysctl.conf. And a cat of the dozen or so subdirs 
> in /proc/sys/net/ipv6 has all the disable-ipv6's set to 1 right now.

> Can you explain this? Looks like it worked, but if configure is checking 
> that, its not doing as it should. I still see a yes go by when it checks 
> for ipv6 connectivity.

> And I just had to reboot, the keyboard died, but its been swapped and the 
> batteries are brand new. But the mouse is still alive.

> I'm stumped.

I'm stumped too, over what the problem is that remains since you added
ipv6.disable=1 to your cmdline. Are you saying ipv6.disable=1 and keyboard
function are incompatible?

I don't boot Stretch much any more. When I boot Buster with ipv6.disable=1 on
cmdline, the only ipv6 in dmesg is in two kernel cmdline regurgitations.
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