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Re: Laptop does not switch off when shutting down

On 5/25/19, deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hans wrote:
>> I remember, this issue appeared at some other users a long time ago, but
>> I
>> do not remember, how to fix it. I believe, this issue was related to the
>> kernel, but I am not sure.
> rather with systemd - try to get the logs at the console and see what
> exactly is hanging
>> However, I know, this issue is a known thing, maybe someone remembers the
>> solution of it?
>> Thanks for any hints and have a nice day!
> might be different reasons - are you using plymouth?

Plymouth just became apparent on mine the other day. I would NEVER
install that on purpose. The reason is that it was somehow an
immediate and very visible player for distressful issues I had going
back 8 years ago or so. PS *ZAP!* (without negative consequence so

Plymouth was not just zapped for no reason in the current software
development cycles versus ~8 years ago. It was a rational decision
made based on an anomaly that was occurring in the last few days.

One thing I started seeing was that my little laptop was saying it was
resuming from hibernation. That message was the first thing to appear
as I was sitting watching the credits roll by... on fresh, safely
orchestrated REBOOTS. RESUMING?! Do WHAT?!

That "resuming from hibernation" advisement was soon followed by some
kind of reference to Plymouth. That was the point at which I became
aware that Plymouth was part of my debootstrapped copy.

No harm, no foul. That's cool. I'm sure it incidentally rolled in with
something else I installed. A very BRIEF depends/rdepends snoop around
my installs to see how that likely happened came up empty.

PPS ..... Have NOT seen the "resuming from hibernation" advisement
ever since I... told Plymouth to... please go take a little vacation
on a private island for a little bit..

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* runs with birdseed *