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Re: LXC and Docker together?

On 23/05/19 3:39 PM, Richard Hector wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anybody run LXC and Docker simultaneously on the same host? Do they
> play nicely together?
> I need to migrate some containers (or at least the contents, or
> services) from LXC to Docker, without causing too much disruption.
> Stretch doesn't seem to have Docker, so I'd be installing that from the
> Docker repo. LXC is what comes with stretch.

From my testing so far, it appears that there's no inherent problem,
except that the way I have set up a bridge interface for LXC including
the external interface is blocked by Docker's default iptables rules. I
think I can avoid that problem, once I better get my head around
Docker's networking.


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