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Laptop does not switch off when shutting down

Hi folks, 

I am fighting with a little issue. On my laptop there are two physical 
harddrives. The first one is running win7 (1st partition) and debian (second 
partition), the second one is running winXP (first partitiin) and kali-linux 
(second partition).

When doing "halt -p" in debian, the laptop is going down, then shuts off.  This 
is working fine so far.

But doing the same in kali-linux (same kernel version as debian), the system 
is going down, then it stops, but does not completely shut off. Reboot does 
also not work (going down, then tells "rebooting" but is hanging).

I installed the kernel new and grub as well - with no success.

And there is also no difference, when I am booting from the second drive as 
first drive (choosen in BIOS), or from the bootloader of the first drive. 

I remember, this issue appeared at some other users a long time ago, but I do 
not remember, how to fix it. I believe, this issue was related to the kernel, 
but I am not sure.

However, I know, this issue is a known thing, maybe someone remembers the 
solution of it? 

Thanks for any hints and have a nice day!



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