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Re: Debian Programming languages

This is such an amazing topic which language is most widely used and which most useful. Many CS people only want to focus, do not want waste time in learning milllions of different languages, which will cause language barriers. We have limited amount of time and millions of other things in real life in addition to programming

On Sat, May 25, 2019 at 6:25 PM Paul Sutton <zleap@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All

Just to say thank for the information.  I have made a short blog post on
some of the languages mentioned and put links to what I would hope are
useful related resources.


I am trying to write this so I can hopefully encourage those who are
learning to write code to get involved with Debian so their skills can
be improved through helping,  I have learnt a heck of a lot just by
being here doing what I have done so far.

I will probably add to this further but it's up.

Hopefully all this is helpful.  


On 24/05/2019 16:08, Paul Sutton wrote:

> Hi
> As I am trying to promote contributing to Debian,  what programming
> languages are mostly used?  I am asking as it helps to give people an
> idea of what they need to learn or will learn as part of helping.
> I am guessing as the default command line interface is bash, then bash
> and bash scripting would be useful to learn but on top of that what
> would people suggest I try and promote.
> Not just on the coding side of things as we have markdown / html / css
> perhaps LaTeX for documentation.
> Thanks
> Paul
Paul Sutton
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