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Re: Debian Programming languages

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 12:43 Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's plain wrong: Debian has perl at its core, and Python not.

Also, your simplification of Perl is common among folks ignorant about
Perl but is wrong as well: You _can_ write difficult-to-read code in
Perl by by no means do you need to, and most Perl code in Debian - i.e.
the thousands of CPAN modules, does not use a difficult-to-read coding

To add support to Jonas' reply:

Perl 6 development is definitely NOT stalled. We have four GSoC students working on serious projects for the Perl 6 community. We welcome all to visit <https://perl6.org> and join the fun! (We did have some server problems recently which may have led you to think development has stalled.)

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