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Re: Debian Programming languages

On 5/24/2019 6:14 PM, ghe wrote:
> On 5/24/19 9:08 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> As I am trying to promote contributing to Debian,  what programming
>> languages are mostly used?
> C, perl, java, ruby, python, bash, that I know of. And probably several
> others. I don't recall seeing any COBOL, though :-)
>> I am asking as it helps to give people an
>> idea of what they need to learn or will learn as part of helping.
> The *nix kernels, and most of the command programs, are written in C, so
> C's a must. Java and python look like a kinda fixed up, OOP C, so
> they're not too hard to deal with once you know C.
> I don't know what ruby is like, but I see a lot of it in the mirrors and
> stuff.
> Perl is happily off on it's own. "There's more than one way..." Boy is
> there ever. Nice to write, but it's next to impossible to understand
> other people's code. Python, IMHO, seems to be creeping up to replace it.
> Bash reminds one of the syntax of the 1950s. The pits, but necessary.
> And it's often the best way to make something happen right now.

'/bin/sh' on Debian is Dash.

So I would say, general shell scripting ability and POSIX compliance

Avoiding Bashism if Bash is to be used.

John Doe