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Re: Debian Programming languages

On 5/24/19 9:08 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:

> As I am trying to promote contributing to Debian,  what programming
> languages are mostly used?  

C, perl, java, ruby, python, bash, that I know of. And probably several
others. I don't recall seeing any COBOL, though :-)

> I am asking as it helps to give people an
> idea of what they need to learn or will learn as part of helping.

The *nix kernels, and most of the command programs, are written in C, so
C's a must. Java and python look like a kinda fixed up, OOP C, so
they're not too hard to deal with once you know C.

I don't know what ruby is like, but I see a lot of it in the mirrors and

Perl is happily off on it's own. "There's more than one way..." Boy is
there ever. Nice to write, but it's next to impossible to understand
other people's code. Python, IMHO, seems to be creeping up to replace it.

Bash reminds one of the syntax of the 1950s. The pits, but necessary.
And it's often the best way to make something happen right now.

Python rules, this week (it's written in C too).

They all do things differently. Knowing several of them (and investing
in a pile of O'Reilly books) is a big help.

Glenn English