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Hi I'm Alexandria F., I'm working in a DebianCustomCD( https://wiki.debian.org/DebianCustomCD ), I'm a software developer, i have all versions of your distributions of debian jessie and stretch(gnome,kde,xfce,cinnamon,lxde) downloaded, but im start in contact with you because i have some questions about debian live cd, for be specific(Jessie 8.0.0), my questions are:

1. It's posibly to boot a debian live cd from a raw disk (.img) with ext2 or ext3 or ext4 format with grub2, not in a iso9660 file?

---- /boot
---- /isolinux
---- /live
-------- /filesystem.squashfs
---- /vmlinuz
---- / initrd.img

grub2 menuentry example:
menuentry "RawDiskBoot" {
    set imgname="MySomeRawDisk(ex4format).img"
    set imgpath="/"
    set image="${imgpath}/${imgname}"
    loopback loop $image
    linux (loop)/live/vmlinuz boot=live root=/dev/loop0 boot=live
    initrd (loop)/live/initrd

2. How i can do run correctly my debian custom livecd boot from a raw disk MySomeRawDisk(ex4format).img, modifying the initrd.img, if is not possible boot a .img only with grub2.

I'm trying to boot using these few commands:
mount -t ext4 -o rw,data="" /dev/sda10 /MyMountPoint
mount -t ext4 -o loop,data="" "/MyMountPoint/MySomeRawDisk(ex4format).img" ${rootmnt}

And these command are inside my initrd.img/scripts/init-premount/CustomScript, but unfortunately this not works, when the boot starts of this CustomScript, the initramfs-tools could not detect the /dev/sda10 partition, and log return with this message:

mount -t ext4 -o loop,data="" "/MyMountPoint/MySomeRawDisk(ex4format).img" ${rootmnt}, No such file or directory

In other words, could not detect the /dev/sda10 for mount, and it happens too when i try to mount a loop device like (/dev/loop0)

Here a stackoverflow reference of what im trying to do, https://superuser.com/questions/412028/booting-an-ext4-image-file-from-grub2

Note: please not confuse this with, How to boot a livecd.iso file inside a ext4 raw disk .img.

Thanks, i wait your answer...