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Re: Need help about development of your distributions.

On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 03:02:52AM +0000, Ale Frataslafra wrote:
Hello, I'm Alexandria F., I'm a software developer, i have all versions
of your distributions of debian jessie and
stretch(gnome,kde,xfce,cinnamon,lxde) downloaded, but im start in
contact with you because i have some questions about debian live cd,
for be specific(Jessie 8.0.0), my questions are:

1. It's posibly to boot a debian live cd from a raw disk (.img) with
ext2 or ext3 or ext4 format with grub2, not in a iso9660 file?
Maybe you want to know why i need it?, this is the answer: Im working
in a custom livecd of debian, and i need save more time in the
debugging of the livecd, requires minus time and minus resources, the
replacement of the filesystem.squashfs inside a .img ext4 than replace
a iso9660 .iso file, and even sometimes the modifying of the .iso file
can damage the filesystem.

It might be worth talking to one of the Debian Live developers to see
whether they have a useful workflow to recommend. One such developer is
Jonathan Carter <highvoltage@xxxxxxxxxx>, but you may also consider
contacting the <debian-live@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> mailing list.

👱🏻	Jonathan Dowland
✎ jmtd@xxxxxxxxxx 🔗 https://jmtd.net