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Re: What to buy for Buster?

On 5/24/19 5:12 AM, David Christensen wrote:

If you get a major brand computer with 64-bit Intel Core technology (ca. 2006) or newer, Debian should run on it.

Great! Thanks!

The HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF that I'm about to grab has a Intel Core i5-2400S processor.

I browsed the Debian installer pages and as far as I understand I should use "other images (netboot, USB stick, etc.)" for the installation, but to me it is not obvious if I should use the image for the amd64 or the i386 architecture:


My typcal problem. I should know basic stuff like that.

Is the "Debian Designation" for the Intel Core i5-2400S processor "Intel x86-based" or "AMD 64 & Intel 64"?

(I am looking at the table "2.1.1. Supported Architectures" in the Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide on the pages of d-i.debian.org/manual/)

Best regards.