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Re: I need to recover the logins and pws from a wheezy FF

Gene Heskett composed on 2019-05-23 18:25 (UTC-0400):

> I can mount the drive the wheezy install is on, no problem, but I've zero 
> clue where in all those hashed subdir ff has them stored in.  Any know

You don't have to have profile data in a directory with a name your brain cannot
remember. ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini is a plain text file defining profile(s)
location(s). You can put a profile anywhere you please.

> what file or dir I copy over to the stretch install that will get me 
> back my login data for my bank?        

They're in a subdirectory under ~/.mozilla/
It links to another page to explain more selective copying in the first list item
following the first note. Even more detail is provided on
key4.db might be the only file you actually need.
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