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Re: No Books in print on Systemd?

Nicholas Geovanis <nickgeovanis@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> That webpage is unfortunately the best doc I have found on
> SystemD. Its not unfortunate because it's bad doc, it's good but some
> is a little out of date. It's that there is nothing better from the
> makers of SystemD. In the ideal world only "us" system administrators
> would care about SystemD and it wouldn't be an issue for others. But
> SystemD is highly pervasive while being difficult to administer. Last
> I saw, the Amazon AWS linux images had removed it, using SysV-style
> init like the old days.
man systemd, follow the links in the SEE ALSO section. Really, is that
so hard?

I can manage to teach this to complete newbies. An experienced sysadmin
should have no excuse to complain about a shortage of documentation.

(Although like OP I would *love* to have a dead tree version; but then
again I *like* books)


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