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Re: What to buy for Buster?

Erik Josefsson composed on 2019-05-23 19:24 (UTC):

> would this machine be OK you think?
> https://www.bluecity.se/hp-compaq-8200-elite-sff-2-50ghz-250gb-hdd-windows-10-8gb-ram-svart-50074
> It's on the shelf for sale just down town, so I could buy it tomorrow!
It should be OK, likely an appropriate type, but its CPU was launched over 8 years
ago. I'd try for something newer, like in the 3-5 years old range, fresh off
lease, to expect longer life.

IME, boxes of the SFF & USFF (small & very small) size like that one is tend to
run hotter than larger cases employing larger diameter fans. Heat is generally an
enemy of long life. If it's not going to be on full time, heat might be a relative
non-issue. If it will be used all day every day, then it's one I'd avoid.
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