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Re: Debian 10 user accounts

On Thu 23 May 2019 at 18:47:48 +0100, Paul Sutton wrote:

> Just installing Debian 10 rc 1.  

Ditto. i386 netinst. Expert installation.

>                                  With regard to user accounts I am asked
> for credentials for the account I want to log in with.  However I don't
> appear to be asked for information to set up a root account.

No problem here. I am asked whether I want a root account. Then I set up
a user account. This is no different from previous installers.
> is Debian 10 now using sudo to allow users to carry out admin tasks.

Only if you do not set up a root account. The procedure differs not one
iota from previous installers.

> Is this how it is meant to do things, or have I missed a step somewhere ?

Being obliged to use sudo? No.