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Re: Debian 10 user accounts

that would be with the Calamares Installer?
I Hate it!
also it mounts all system swap partitions,
nor does it read or write partition labels.

I don't understand how to fix the Sudo issue, I can't even log in as root.
this something that Linux Mint also does, I forget how to fix it.

on my other machines I reinstalled with the Debian Installer (not the live session) and get a "normal" configuration, and no need to edit fstab, or fixup the labels afterward.

the Calamares Installer is a real thorn in my side... end of rant ;-)

On 5/23/19 10:47 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:

Just installing Debian 10 rc 1.  With regard to user accounts I am asked
for credentials for the account I want to log in with.  However I don't
appear to be asked for information to set up a root account.

is Debian 10 now using sudo to allow users to carry out admin tasks.

Is this how it is meant to do things, or have I missed a step somewhere ?

I can't take a screenshot of the related installer screen as that
facility has been removed :(

New installer does look very nice though,  great work.