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Re: What to buy for Buster?

On 5/23/19 9:17 AM, Erik Josefsson wrote:

> I'd anyway like to ask if anyone would know a
> reasonably powerful second hand stationary office computer that can run
> a Debian Buster Pure Blend from a net install? No need for wireless, I
> will just connect with ethernet cable.

I don't know if this qualifies as a Debian Pure Blend, but...

Have you considered a Raspberry Pi3+? It's cheap (around $50 or $60,
tricked out, but without the monitor, keyboard, and mouse). It has WiFi
and Bluetooth (both can be turned off), 4 USB2 ports, an Ethernet port
(it claims, electronically, to be gigabit Ethernet, but it really runs
around 300 b/S), an HDMI video output, a 4 core 64 bit ARM CPU, and the
current OS they provide is Debian Stretch.

Buster is available, but I hear it takes a bit of futzing to get it
going on the Pi -- their Stretch NOOBS download is quite a bit easier to
deal with. A Buster NOOBS will be released RSN.

If you're not in a hurry, it's a great machine. I've used them for
several years as servers for my Internet domain (a T1 connection) with
no failures. OTOH, they've been on a serious UPS.

Otherwise, before the Pis I used the bottom-of-the-line Dell servers for
a decade or so. IIRC, the last one I bought was around $600. Mine have
had no anything but a 2 core? 64 bit Xeon CPU, a gig or so of RAM, a few
USB ports, and VGA video. Not a gaming box, but extremely reliable and
good enough for us mortals. They load and run Debian just fine -- and
they are available with no OS, so no Winders tax.

Neither of these is used, but they aren't real expensive.

Glenn English