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What to buy for Buster?

Thanks all for feedback, help and answers to many of my questions, but I feel my available time and my skills put together won't meet the threshold for being able to contribute to Debian in any meaningful way for another year or two.

I'll have to go back to piggybacking, as I have done for decades.

As such a piggyback, I'd anyway like to ask if anyone would know a reasonably powerful second hand stationary office computer that can run a Debian Buster Pure Blend from a net install? No need for wireless, I will just connect with ethernet cable.

I don't know more than that I should avoid Nvidia.

In theory, since it is a Pure Blend, I would then never have to bother you again :-)

I mean, I would know for certain that there is nothing wrong with the computer, but rather with the computeur.

I thought that maybe I would master the Teres-I and its box.redpill.dk promise, but the combo of wireless- and DNS-issues is too steep.

Next life maybe.

Best regards.