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Re: kvm win8 guest audio is terrible.

Den 22.05.2019 22:33, skrev Ram Ramesh:
I created a fresh install of debian stretch amd64. In that, I created a qemu/kvm guess install of win8. It only accepted hda as a valid sound card. All others show us without drivers. So, I am limited to only HDA as -soundhw. Further HDA sounds so broken if I try to test with any sound file or youtube video. It is grainy/distorted and outright horrible.

Google searches mentions something about MSI and those approaches are simply not accepted by win8. So, I could not use them. I am wondering if there is something fundamentally wrong with windows guests or is there a setting that I am missing?

More info needed:

- HW (cpu, graphics, soundcard)

- BIOS (cpu power-states)

- Host setup (power states,audio setup)

- VM config.

Most important: where have you looked trying to solve this?


PS: I run Xen, not qemu, but issues are same. I have max c-state 2 on xeon E5-2620, HDMI graphics passed thru as PCI, with good HDMI-audio in windows 8. Needed to drop spice because load on host got too high, ruined audio.