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Re: bind9 startup problems: /var/cache /bind

On 23/05/19 9:08 AM, Ross Boylan wrote:
> /var is a separate file system, and like / it's encrypted, so it might
> take a bit of time to activate it.  Whether it's available when
> needed, I don't know, though the error suggests it might not be.
> Could systemd be launching services while some of the mounts (and the
> required decryption) are still to be done?
> Is there some systemd way to ensure the file system is mounted before
> launching bind?  But I'd think if /var weren't available, bind
> wouldn't be the only one with a problem.

Well, I don't see anything in bind9.service to prevent it starting. I'm
not sure what the best dependency is ...

A bit of web searching finds:

... which suggests:

.. to go in the unit file - or IIRC running:

sudo systemctl edit bind9.service

... and putting in:


... followed by:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Not tested.


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