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Re: No Books in print on Systemd?

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 3:18 PM mick crane <mick.crane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"I just want to know what is happening, it is my PC"
So it was a relief to find Linux books and an OS that does what it says
it should do.
Now I dunno what goes on.
But really I guess now I don't care so much as I feel the guys are
giving me this software are trustworthy

I guess I will be the one to speak the open-source boilerplate :-)
Open source is a cooperative activity. Thousands of linux machines run systemD all the
time and need no extra work on that account. Mine are different. If I need good, basic
systemD doc, I can help write it.

Now there is an unfinished, long-running discussion within the linux community about the
design choices made with systemD and the means by which it became part of the linux mainstream.
And as I mentioned some distros and admins have rejected it. I try to keep the two topics separate.


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