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Re: how to report bugs? (reportbug broken)

Hi Nico,

Quoting Nico Schlömer (2019-05-22 18:25:16)
> Phew, I find it quite difficult to report bugs in Debian.

[ meta complaints snipped ]

> When launching
> ```
> reportbug -B debian
> ```
> (running Ubuntu 19.04) and after two, three clicks I'm getting

Thanks for mentioning that you use Ubuntu.  I cannot help with eventual 
Ubuntu specifics and you might have better luck asking for advice in 
Ubuntu forums, but let's try...

> 1763, in func
>     args, kwargs = op.sync_pre_operation(*args, **kwargs)
>   File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/reportbug/ui/gtk_ui.py", line

Try avoid the GUI mode of reportbug.

If you happen to use reportbug-ng (if that even exists any longer) then 
please try use the good old reportbug.

> How can I submit a new bug instead? (Mailing to
> submit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx didn't work for me, nothing happened.) Help
> appreciated.

If literally "nothing happened" then you need to consult your mail setup 
or contact your mail service administrator (a.k.a. postmaster): When you 
send an email to the Debian bugtracker - either from an email program or 
using reportbug (which also at the end sends an email unless told 
otherwise) then within 5-10 minutes you should receive a confirmation 
with a bug number.

 - Jonas

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